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draft Template  Laboratory Performer

Template - LaboratoryPerformer
Version gültig ab 2014‑05‑26 Status draft In Entwicklung
Klassifikation CDA Header Level Template
Kontext Geschwisterknoten des Template-Element mit Id
Offen/Geschlossen Offen (auch andere als die definierten Elemente sind erlaubt)
Beschreibung en-US Laboratory Performers SHALL be recorded as performers in the CDA Header as well as in the structured body. Documentation of laboratory performers MAY be done in multiple levels of the document to reflect performance scope. In the case where there is a single Laboratory Performer, this entity SHALL be documented in CDA header as shown. In the case where multiple Laboratory Performers participated in the lab testing process, they SHALL be documented in the structuredBody at the observation level. These performers SHALL conform to the General Constraints found in HL7 CRS: 2.1.1 with respect to the requirements for name, address, telephone numbers and other contact information.
This module is out of the XDS-Lab Specification and documented there in a <performer> element. This module does not change requirements stated in that specification but is structured as a module to ensure consistent content representation and re-usability.
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Benutzt Template-Id als Name Version Inklusion PersonElements DYNAMIC Inklusion OrganizationElements DYNAMIC
Beispiel <performer typeCode="PRF">
  <templateId root=""/>
    <id extension="rm83747" root=""/>
      <streetAddressLine>7000 Hosptial Drive</streetAddressLine>      <city>Chicago</city>      <state>IL</state>      <postalCode>60622</postalCode>      <country>USA</country>    </addr>
    <telecom value="tel:312-555-5555"/>
        <family>Trenton</family>        <given>Douglas</given>        <prefix>Dr.</prefix>      </name>
      <id extension="rm83747" root=""/>
      <name>PRF Hospital Laboratory</name>      <telecom value="tel:312-555-5555"/>
        <streetAddressLine>7000 Hosptial Drive</streetAddressLine>        <city>Chicago</city>        <state>IL</state>        <postalCode>60622</postalCode>        <country>USA</country>      </addr>
Item DT Kard Konf Beschreibung Label
1 .. 1 M (LaboratoryPerformer)
treetree @root
1 .. 1 F
IVL_TS 1 .. 1 M (LaboratoryPerformer)
1 .. 1 M (LaboratoryPerformer)
treetree hl7:id
II 1 .. 1 R (LaboratoryPerformer)
treetree hl7:code
CE 0 .. 1 R (LaboratoryPerformer)
  Beispiel <code code="E" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883." codeSystemName="" displayName="EXTERN"/>
treetree hl7:addr
AD 1 .. 1 M (LaboratoryPerformer)
treetree hl7:telecom
TEL.AT 1 .. * M (LaboratoryPerformer)
Auswahl min 1 Element(e). Elemente in der Auswahl:
  • hl7:assignedPerson
  • hl7:representedOrganization
treeblank treetree hl7:assignedPerson
 .. 1 (LaboratoryPerformer)
Eingefügt von PersonElements (DYNAMIC)
treeblank treeblank treetree @classCode
0 .. 1 F PSN
treeblank treeblank treetree @determinerCode
treeblank treeblank treetree hl7:name
PN 1 .. 1 (LaboratoryPerformer)
treeblank treetree hl7:representedOrganization
 .. 1 (LaboratoryPerformer)
Eingefügt von OrganizationElements (DYNAMIC)
treeblank treeblank treetree @classCode
0 .. 1 F ORG
treeblank treeblank treetree @determinerCode
treeblank treeblank treetree hl7:id
II 0 .. * (LaboratoryPerformer)
treeblank treeblank treetree hl7:name
ON 1 .. 1 (LaboratoryPerformer)
treeblank treeblank treetree hl7:telecom
TEL.AT 0 .. * (LaboratoryPerformer)
treeblank treeblank treetree hl7:addr
AD 0 .. 1 (LaboratoryPerformer)